What is MySpace Tom Doing After Selling His Company for $580 millions?

Does you ask yourself what the co-founder of MySpace, which sold his company for $580 millions in 2005 – is doing now? The 47 years old Tom Anderson is working something that we all want to do when we’ll got a lot of money – and that is a lot of traveling.


He’s taking a lot of great pictures on his Instagram profile. According to those images, he enjoys his retirement from work. Tom Anderson sell Myspace to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for $580m. In 2006 Google signed a $900m deal to sell ads on Myspace. By 2007 it had 300m registered users and was being valued at $12bn. But the social network was subsequently crushed by Facebook, which launched a year after Myspace.


Everyone calls him MySpace Tom and he decided after working with the social network to dedicate himself to his great passion for photography. Now his traveling around the world and taking very beautiful pictures and upload them on Instagram, where he has 655k followers at the time we write this.


For the longest time I’ve been satisfied and chill – not really wanting more from life. 🤙 Just at peace with how I am and how the world is. 🌏 But lately I’ve felt like I want to learn and grow… I’m feeling like my teenage self again, when I was excited about picking up a new book or a new idea. I think this mostly came from friends who inspired me… They know who they are. Feeling very grateful for this change, and for the people who got my creative mojo firing. Onwards and upwards! 🚀 This shot was from yesterday’s hike on Kauai! ⛰Was moving so fast with my time-limited hiking partners that I never got a chance to take out my camera! This was shot on the iPhone 7+ and edited with built-in Apple tools and some Snapseed. After all that, I brought it into Photoshop to remove some purple noise in the shadows. Finally I made a few changes to clarity and color in IGs editor. Haha. Imagine the day when your phone camera could do everything a DSLR can do… It’s really not that far away. In many ways, the phone is better — certainly for portability and also in the way it handles different layers of depth and light. I know if I shot this on my DSLR it would have been even harder for me to process to my satisfaction. Went for a more painterly feel since it was pretty noisy and easier to edit that way?? I like it a lot !! Do you like?? 🙂 😀

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Regardless of whether it is located in Hong Kong, it explores the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar, oversees the Icelandic luminosity, or stands in the shadows of Mount Oah in Hawaii, you can see all those pictures and admire them on his Instagram profile.

Here are my favorite photos from Myspace Tom:


If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you’ve probably noticed I travel a lot! With all that I’ve visited and seen, a helicopter flight over Kauai’s Na Pali Coast still ranks as the best helicopter flight I’ve ever done… ⛰🚁 This is the 4th time I’ve done the same flight! To me, it’s the most beautiful, dynamic mountain range on earth. I’ve boated into its caves, swam at its foot, hiked on its ridges and flown over it… It never disappoints! Any time of the year, any time of the day it’s wonderful, and a different experience. This is the first time I’d flown around mid day… normally, not a great time for landscape photos. But just look at the result! I had the time of my life, with one of my besties @andrew.studer and new friend @ryanbraden – his first helicopter ride! Way to begin your Heli Life! Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island and the OG Hawaiians lived in these valleys for centuries. The last Hawaiians moved out in the 1930s. Now you can hike and even camp near the beach with a permit, but very few get to do this. That’s one of the reasons this place has remained so beautiful. The unique look of the valley spire is the result of the weather system created by island itself—tons of rain, and wind and the ocean’s wave have carved out these valleys and kept them green. I’ve never seen anything like it on Earth 🌏 😀

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Hello IG! Sorry I disappeared for a week–and thanks to those who asked where I went! No, I did not fall in the lava! Haha 😂 I just spent an action-packed week in Hawaii: first on the Big Island, then the island of Lanai (first time there!) and finally on my home island of Oahu! I was experimenting with my drone a lot and visiting with friends… I think tomorrow I’ll make a story that shows some of what I did during the week! 🤙🏼🌈🌊 Here’s a shot of Waikiki and one I think may surprise those who’ve never been to Oahu. This is part of why Oahu is my personal favorite of the 🌴 Islands–Oahu feels like a major international city with all the benefits (food, people, culture) but it’s also just a short drive to the world’s best beaches, jaw dropping mountain ranges and scenic hiking trails. Aloha 🌺🏄🏖 Just landed at LAX — now I’m back in Los Angeles and ready to look through and process some new photos! 📷🙏

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One of the coolest roads I’ve ever driven. It’s in China… can you see the tiny specks? Those are giant buses. Trying out the new Instagram tall photos 🙂

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A few days ago I went up in the Magnum P.I. themed Helicopter @paradisehelicopters here on Oahu. 🚁I love me some Magnum, love me some Oahu, and love shooting from a doors-off Helicopter. Triple Crown right there! I shoulda worn my 🚀Star Wars Vans if I was thinking about what kind of shot I’d take, but it was all last minute, so here you just get my regular old shoes. The helicopter pilot is an interesting dude. Follow him: @carsonklein1 — later in the day I jumped out of a plane with him! I’ll felt safe since he does BASE jumping, Speedwings, Squirrel suits, etc. I had a @gopro 🎥 on me the whole time and will post some vids from that soon! So I bet you’re all wanting to know who won the Maui contest… ? Well, HERE YA GO: the winner, randomly selected just minutes ago, is a Mr. DALTON LEMERT: @owninobrien ; I have not reached out to him yet, it looks like he lives in an RV, 🚐 so maybe he’s on the road? Haha. His last post says he’s been to 45 states and Hawaii is not one of them: let’s congratulate him (and the friend he chooses to come with!) and ring up the 46th state for Dalton! Congrats Dalton!🏆🏅🥇 So you didn’t win, ay? No worry brah! I’m going to keep doing these contests! They make me happy. 🤗 So far I’ve given away one trip to Oahu, and now Maui, next up: the island of Kauai. 🏝⛰I will post the new contest video in a few days!

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